Mirror's Edge: Trailer Catalyst donne aux joueurs un aperçu de plus de foi

La dernière bande-annonce Mirror's Edge: Catalyst est coupé avec plus de clips de Faith, le protagoniste du nouveau jeu. Il s'intitule «Why We Run», donnant aux joueurs un aperçu des motivations du personnage.

The trailer is short and snappy, and if you were already a fan then there’s nothing you’re going to see that will detour you from liking what DICE has done so far. If you’re not a fan, well then there isn’t going to be much to convince you otherwise. The trailer, while put together quite well, doesn’t really show enough of the actual gameplay to give you a grounded sense of the mechanics. It also doesn’t show enough of the story to really make you care. It’s a mish-mash of dissident clips without a lot of coherency. You can check it out for yourself below.

I think part of the problem I’ve been having with Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is that there’s this nagging fear in the back of mind that Catalyseur will be EA-ified. And by that, I mean that there’s going to be a lot of control-free cinematics to push the story along, a lot of talking, a lot of forced narrative building and a lot of repetition, but not a lot of substance when it comes to gameplay depth.

In the first game I felt as if DICE wanted everyone there for the parkour and the graphics. For this second game it seems as if DICE wants everyone there for Faith and the story. Hopefully the parkour wasn’t sacrificed to make the game more… cinematic.

Right now a lot of it just feels… cold.

It’s also hard to get engaged with the promise of better fighting when so little of it has been showcased, or it’s always used in a cinematic fashion. It also appears as if the combat options stick players to the characters as opposed to the more free-form mechanics from the first game where you could punch or slide kick someone once to stun them and then take off running. Again, maybe this is further fleshed out in the game but the fighting they’ve showcased so far actually appears to be a little more restricted and clunky than what was in the first game.

Again, I could be wrong and this could be the greatest parkour game ever made. But the more I’ve seen of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst in recent weeks the more skeptical and leery about the depth and quality of the game I’ve become. Hopefully I’m proven wrong and DICE delivers on the gameplay in the way that they’ve delivered on the visuals. We’ll see.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst est attendu pour publication le 10 juin 7th Xbox Un, PS4 pour PC. Si vous avez un abonnement à EA Access, vous pouvez jouer au jeu une semaine plus tôt que tout le monde. Pour plus d'informations, n'hésitez pas à visiter le official Mirror’s Edge website.