Bosses Cuphead Et Platforming détaillées dans deux nouvelles vidéos

It’s true that MDHR’s Cuphead est un très beau jeu, et que la mécanique derrière elle se souvient sur les anciens jeux de plate-forme, mais ce qui est le plus fascinant est que le jeu tiré de la main se profile bien comme sa propre plateforme autonome. Deux nouvelles vidéos montrant des combats de boss et de plate-forme arrivent à partir de deux sources différentes qui offrent une belle apparence au jeu.

Cuphead at the moment is slated to come out sometime this year, which doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but it will be available across PC et Xbox One when it does drop. It would be nice to see the game release sometime this year, but at the same time I wouldn’t be shocked if it got delayed to 2017.

While we wait for a release date to arrive, two new videos might occupy your time with classic “Run’N Gun” fun, or might inform you on what to expect from MDHR’s upcoming platformer — that is if you don’t know what Cuphead est.

The first video, being brutal as always, shows three scenes of adventure, jumping, shooting and long boss battles. One of the things that the devs noted about this game is that players will need to learn boss patterns, which will be different from other bosses. It’s also been noted that the dev team wants over 30 bosses, but from what I’ve seen the four bosses already in the game put up long hardcore fights, 26 more would be devastating but cool.

Quoi qu'il en soit, vous pouvez regarder YouTuber PoodsiPei run around and attempt to survive against the brutal wave of 1930’s like creatures, which has no commentary.

La vidéo suivante est par YouTuber Etalyx. En tant que joueur et un autre ami (pendant leur jeu co-op) essayer de le faire à travers différentes étapes, ils meurent beaucoup, tandis que Etalyx explique ce Cuphead offre au cours d'un playthrough. Vous pouvez regarder la longue vidéo de six minutes ci-dessous.

I’m really looking forward to this game a lot, but I’m worried that it might see another delay like before. However, seeing that nearly everything is hand drawn I can see where a lot of time and resources would go trying to make a game like this. I just hope the devs can pull the game together so that they can announce a firm release date, without the game being unfinished on launch.

Cuphead est prévue pour libérer sur PC et Xbox One. A partir de maintenant, Cuphead a une fenêtre de sortie de courant de cette année.