King Of Fighters XIV Invitational équipe Caractéristiques Crazies And A Performance Artiste

King of Fighters XIV

SNK a publié la dernière bande-annonce King of Fighters XIV, detailing the three entrants on the Official Invitation Team, which features a crazy lady, a guy you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley alone at night, and a performance dancer.

Gematsu ramassé sur les nouvelles et a offert une ventilation des profils de caractères, expliquant comment Sylvie est un ancien membre de noisette, NIDS allé un peu fou des modifications corporelles qu'elle a reçues au titre de l'organisation. Kukri est un homme étrange avec un style similaire à Ron, mais il mêle sa manipulation de sable avec ses techniques de combat rue souterraines. Mian est le plus intéressant des trois, à mon avis, combinant kung-fu chinois traditionnel avec l'art de la performance.

Découvrez la bande-annonce ci-dessous pour voir chacun des trois personnages en action.

Sylvie takes a kind of moe approach to the whole NESTs thing, her goofy outfit and outlandish attacks are childish and cartoony. Her fighting style is goofy. That’s about the best way to sum her up.

Kukri reminds me of a mix of Duo Lon and Shen Woo combined together. His style isn’t bad and if you like the kind of rough-around-the-edges street fighting and brawling that he brings to the table, along with his ability to manipulate sand, then he might be one of your favorites.

The one character who actually looks really cool that I might actually main is Mian. In the roster images it was impossible to tell what she was supposed to be, but in the trailer you can clearly see the inspiration from the Chinese stage operas. Her movements are pristine. That’s the kind of the classical martial arts I fell in love with from the roi des combattants series, and I’m oh-so-thankful that they included a character that really pays homage to the opera house kung-fu.

Ses mouvements sont aussi fluide que l'eau.

King of Fighters XIV devrait baisser le 23 août pour le PlayStation 4. It’ll be releasing throughout that week in both Japan and Europe through the 25th and 26th.