Gardez Parler Et Personne Explose Lands Sur PSVR 13th Octobre

Jeux Steel Crate ont annoncé que leur hit-lit, Gardez Parler et Explodes Personne, va exploser sur la PlayStation 4 pour la PlayStation VR à partir du 13 octobre.

It’s one of the few games that’s actually pitch-perfect for a VR headset. The objective is that the game is designed to be played with multiple players, preferably locally. One person has to diffuse the bomb while the other person looks through the instruction manual to find out the configuration of the game in order to find out what the proper procedure is to disarm it. It’s a brilliant concept that plays on the last-second bomb trope used in most action films and dramatic thrillers.

Steel Crate released a new trailer for the game highlighting the PS4 features that you can check out below.

The dramatic reenactment of how the bomb gets disabled is conveyed quite well. It’s an intense fictional depiction of how some of these rounds play out. The cool part about it is that on the main television multiple players are looking at the bomb manual while on the PlayStation VR headset the player is looking at the actual bomb.

It requires a lot of teamwork and communication, ensuring that so long as people keep talking then nobody will explode.

It’s described as a multiplayer party game and I think that fits the description well. Having multiple people work with you to disarm the bomb could be a really fun and intense experience.

The game picked up a loyal following over on Steam and it could end up being a surprise hit on the PlayStation VR as well. You can look for Gardez Parler et Explodes Personne to arrive on the PSVR starting October 13th.

For more info on the game be sure to pay a visit to the site officiel.