My Little Pony: Puzzle Party Devs, Hasbro Sued Pour Copyright Infringement

Hasbro et les développeurs derrière My Little Pony: Puzzle Party ont été poursuivis par un développeur rival peu après le lancement du jeu basé sur les enfants populaires montrent. Le développeur rival en question est de pointe des Jeux, un petit développeur basé sur la Turquie avec un titre à succès sur la boutique Google Play appelé Toy souffle.

Selon L'enregistreur, Peak Games has acquired the services of video game intellectual property rights lawyer Jennifer Kelly from Fenwick & West to sue Hasbro and Backflip Studios on the grounds of copyright infringement. According to Kelly…

“When [My Little Pony: Puzzle Party] was released last week, it was immediately obvious to all of us that this was just a re-skin of Toy Blast. This was only confirmed as we looked at the game more deeply in the subsequent days,” […] “Peak believes it is obligated to protect its teams’ creativity and hard work, and to discourage others from taking the shortcut of cloning a leading game in the genre”

Le costume débite un certain nombre de similitudes entre Toy souffle et My Little Pony: Puzzle Party, Y compris le jeu des dispositions d'écran, les systèmes de points et de la mécanique de gameplay. Vous pouvez vérifier gameplay à la fois Toy souffle gracieuseté de YouTuber DroidCheat et des images de My Little Pony: Puzzle Party courtoisie de RRKids.

There are some similarities, but given that most mobile games utilize a very basic template for gameplay, it’s kind of hard to point it out as blatant infringement. Nearly all match-3 puzzle games seem to have a similar layout and gameplay design due to the limitations of smartphone screens and the touch controls.

Nevertheless, Kelly points out that Hasbro had sued others for copyright infringement a decade ago over a similar matter and now they’ve found themselves caught in the crosshairs of the legal reamers for the same thing.