Outlast 2 lance Avril 25th Sur Xbox One, PS4, PC

Outlast 2

Tonneaux rouges annoncées sur Twitter récemment que Outlast 2, le jeu d'horreur mis en place dans une terre agricole cultuelle, sera publié ce printemps Avril 25th pour la Xbox Un, PS4 pour PC.

Le tweet maintient court et simple, informer les joueurs que le prochain titre d'horreur sera tomber plus tôt que tard.

So far they’ve released some alpha gameplay footage and playable demos, allowing YouTubers to demonstrate what the early goings of the game is like.

It’s still a horror survival title insofar that you will attempt to run, and hide and try to escape from pursuers, but you still won’t have much in the way of defending yourself. This isn’t Resident 7 Mal.

Much of the footage centers around a husband looking for his wife after a helicopter crash. He ventures around the farm, encounters some strange occurrences and attempts to get out. The Let’s Play video demonstrations end after the main character runs through a cornfield – being chased by some crazy hillbillies – and then a demonic girl with a scythe slashes his man meat off, ensuring that if he wasn’t a eunuch beta male before… he is now.

As far as the plot is concerned, it’s hard to tell where the game will go, but it centers around an occult-like group living out in the middle of nowhere. There’s definitely some similarities to Resident 7 Mal, mais Outlast 2 semble centrer autour de quelque sorte d'élément démoniaque beaucoup plus que les propriétés biologiques de Resident Evil.

Quoi qu'il en soit, vous pouvez chercher Outlast 2 à laisser sur April 25th pour PC, PS4 et Xbox One. Si Red Barrels voulait vraiment choquer les gens, ils gifleraient ce mauvais garçon sur le Nintendo Commutateur.