Justice League Les Packs Trailer Sur l'action, Garde Histoire Lumière

Justice League Bande-annonce

There’s a really fine balance you have to maintain when it comes to putting a trailer out for a movie. If it’s an action or superhero flick, you have to balance the story with the action. If it’s a team-up movie or ensemble flick, you have to balance the trailer so that the cast gets some spotlight and the plot is made coherent. In the case of Justice League, Warner Bros., a décidé d'aller avec une remorque d'action-lourds mettant en vedette les différents casting compagnons, obtenant chacun un peu de temps à l'écran.

The trailer was hyped up all throughout the past week, and now it’s finally arrived. Warner Bros., used character teasers for each of the Justice League members leading up to the full trailer unveil. The teasers did their job, and a lot of movie goers and comic book fans were stoked to see what the full trailer looked like. Well, now you can check it out, courtesy of JoBlo Movie Trailers.

L'action est fourni en quantités abondantes, avec beaucoup de prise de vue, clignotant, frapper, lancer, frapper et même quelques attaques d'onde de l'eau font leur chemin dans l'image.

Nous voyons Cyborg tir et dynamitage des choses, nous voyons le flash en mouvement rapide, nous voyons Wonder Woman battre les gens, et nous voyons Aquaman jeter le trident et utilisant de l'eau pour éteindre les ennemis.

Of course… when it comes to enemies… there’s a bit of an issue.

We don’t really understand what’s going on and why they’re teaming up other than to fight a force that’s already there. This supposedly relates to the inter-dimensional demon brought to their Earth at the end of Batman Superman v: Dawn of Justice.

Justice League - Aquaman

But what’s really going on? Are the demons killing people? Are they illegally immigrating and committing terrorist acts? What’s happening?

Now I know it seems like an oxymoron to say that trailers reveal too much of the story and then complain when not enough story is revealed, but in this case the trailer is basically just showcase for the heroes beating people/things up and looking cool. Hopefully if they decide to do a proper second trailer we’ll get something a little more coherent so we know exactly why they need to team up and the importance of working together to fight the parallel dimensional demons.

Vous pouvez chercher Justice League à la terre dans les salles ce prochain mois de novembre.