Sega défend l'initiative Sega Forever, en dépit de critiques de retard et de performance médiocre

Sega Forever

Une majorité de personnes semblent être d'accord avec l'initiative Sega Forever, une compilation de jeux que Sega a jetés dans la nature pour les utilisateurs d'iPhone et Android composés de cinq jeux: Altered Beast, Sonic The Hedgehog, Phantasy Star II, Zone Comix et Kid Chameleon.

However, not everyone is pleased with the Sega Forever offerings, which allow gamers to play the hand-picked 16-bit classics for free. The ad-supported service (with the option to unlock the game and remove the ads for $1.99) has been sprinkled with criticisms from users who have experienced lag and poor performance running the emulated software. Scattered throughout the user reviews on the iTunes app store you’ll find people noting that occasionally the games become unplayable due to lag.

Sega envisage de mettre à jour continuellement les classiques de Sega Forever et de déployer de nouveaux jeux qui aborderaient probablement ces problèmes, mais en recevant des questions sans compromis Eurogamer about the shoddy display of emulated games being sold on mobile devices, chief marketing officer Mike Evans took to the defensive position, stating that it’s tough to foresee all outcomes due to the mobile fragmentation, but they’re working on updates…

“[…] if you look at all the different OSs, all the different devices – with mobile, as you go live, you get some feedback which you can’t get within a sandbox environment. What we’re doing is taking that and continue working on it, and try and get every instance of every OS in advance. Our soft launch wasn’t as strong as it could have been maybe for some of the other apps, but this is a different campaign in that sense. What you’re seeing is the tip of the iceberg, and now we’ve got some really good updates coming out soon which will address some of the challenges of the d-pad, some of the shading as well that we’re looking at how to improve. It’s just the start of things.”

It’s true that the more vocal complaints and one-star reviews are the “tip of the iceberg”, but they also represent enough of the community to drag down Altered Beast’s Note globale de cinq étoiles à trois étoiles et demi.

D'autres jeux comme Comix Zone have a much higher rating on the app store, but there are still the occasional one-star reviews pointing out the game’s performance issues when it comes to lag.

Eurogamer addressed Sega on how these kind of first-impressions with shoddy outings from beloved franchises is dwindling respect and the overall integrity of Sega’s reputation. Evans commented that regardless of the criticisms, there are still a larger majority of people out there satisfied with what Sega is doing, saying…

“I think that whilst we’re continually working to improve on quality – we have to understand the context of mobile in that sense – if you look at the vast majority there’s a lot of very delighted fans out there. We’re going to continue to improve, the core is very important to us as well, and make those changes so we’re happy and they’re happy.”

It’s funny because people keep saying Nintendo should go third-party and throw their brands on crappy mobile devices and piss-poor tablets, but the reality is that all it would do is diminish their properties just like Sega.

Vous pouvez trouver une prostituée 12 sur le coin de Athens Way et 132nd Street dans le centre-ville de Los Angeles avec plus d'intégrité que Sega.

The company has a rich portfolio of IP that they’ve let fall to the wayside with shoddy outing after shoddy outing. You could almost bet on David Hasselhoff producing more quality media outings than Sonic at this stage in the game, and Hasselhoff has a notorious drinking problem. The exact same low-quality effort that Sega has been outputting with some of their brands is the same sort of effort you would expect from a heroin addict.

Anyway, Evans states that Sega will rectify themselves and eventually start producing quality emulated offerings for mobile users through their Sega Forever initiative. While some people have enjoyed themselves thus far, others running games on the iPad Pro haven’t been entirely lucky.

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