Discussion ouverte: August 13th, 2017

The time has rolled around once again for gamers to speak their mind and say anything they want through OAG’s weekly Open Discussion series. The Open Discussion series explores a variety of topics that can be random, which the series itself mostly focuses on video games.

This week’s Open Discussion series has arrived and lets you jot down whatever it is that you wish to type. It’s for those who like to partake in conversations, and you’ll be able to do so right here.

If you enjoy talking about whatever it is that you are about to do or are doing right now, you are more than welcome to share it in this week’s Open Discussion forum in the comment section below. Inserting whatever is on your mind in an Open Discussion also applies to the ones to come.

If you, however, wish to derail the conversation and talk about something unrelated to video games — or whatever the topic is at hand — you are encouraged to change the subject without any penalties. This means there will be no censorship, and if a comment of yours happens to be censored do let us know so that we can restore your comment back.

Now that that is out of the way, this week’s Open Discussion is about video game AI. Oftentimes most games feature an AI algorithm to challenge a player in that the friendly or dangerous artificial intelligence can offer a unique experience or a dull one if not done correctly. With that said, what game have you played that featured an enjoyable or dull AI that changed the game for better or for worse?

Remember, you don’t have to stay on topic, but if you do the topic at hand is about AIs in video games and the experience they bring to whatever type game.