Découvrez les minutes 50 du mal dans 2 Gameplay

New footage of Bethesda and Tango Gameworks’ upcoming horror-survival game has surfaced. The footage showing The Evil Within 2 clocks in close to an hour and showcases familiar and new scenes in 51 minutes of gameplay.

Avis: The video below contains a lot of video footage in that it could double over as potential spoilers. Both gameplay and cut-scenes show up in the video below, revealing segments that aren’t apparent in past video trailers.

The Evil Within 2 is set to come out next month and will be available across PC, PS4 et un statut de Xbox One come October 13th. The video footage to prep gamers for the horror-survival game reveals quite a bit of stuff, although if you’ve been following The Evil Within 2 for some time you will recognize some scenes as featured in the newly posted gameplay video.

I should forewarn that commentary present in the video can be on the migraine inducing side, however if you don’t mind unrelated or related commentary regarding a game, then the video footage below shouldn’t bother you.

The video footage showing close to an hour worth of The Evil Within 2 comes in courtesy of MathChief.

Looking back to GamesCom 2017, the video focused on Sebastien trying to survive during a side-quest. It is said that multiple side-quests will be featured in the full version of the game, if you choose to follow the prompt for a side-quest you will need to use skills like sneaking around and so on to make it out alive.

So far, most people are either excited for this game or on the fence, but very rarey do they dis it in mass. However, the true testament regarding gameplay, fun factor and other mechanics will come out soon when Le mal dans 2 's launch date drops next month.

For more information and videos on The Evil Within 2 vous pouvez vous diriger sur plus de theevilwithin2.bethesda.net, which holds the latest updates on the game.

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