Annihilation, Bombes de science-fiction Thriller Thriller à la billetterie

Annihilation Box Office

Deux semaines dans sa course aux théâtres et le thriller de science-fiction favorable aux féministes, Annihilation, headed up by Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh, bombed… badly. Lire la suite ... “Annihilation, Female-Led Sci-Fi Thriller Bombs At Box Office”

Annihilation Trailer gâte certaines morts et caractéristiques de caractère Sci-Fi Monstrosities


Paramount Pictures rolled out a trailer for a film that’s bound to have Bechdel Test-issuing feminists soaking up self-affirmation of progressivism in their bot-filled social media feeds after they get done watching it when some soy-eating beard-man gets permission to tweet at them the newest promo piece for Annihilation. Lire la suite ... “Annihilation Trailer Spoils Some Character Deaths And Features Sci-Fi Monstrosities”