Ace Attorney 6 Annoncé pour Nintendo 3DS, Arrivee 2016

Capcom continued to roll out some pretty big news throughout their showing at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, following up on the reveal that Karin would be making her long awaited return to Street FighterIls ont également annoncé que Nintendo 3DS fans peuvent espérer As procureur 6 dès 2016.

Gematsu spotted the Japanese trailer from over on Capcom’s chaine YouTube. Vous pouvez consulter le trailer du jeu ci-dessous, qui horloges à près de deux minutes.

I always find it interesting how a lot of the Japanese gaming publishers on YouTube disable the comment sections on their videos. It’s very disappointing considering that you can glean a lot of how gamers the world around feel about a property based on what they say on the game’s trailer.

Néanmoins, Gematsu note que le jeu est prévu pour sortie au Japon avec une libération dans les territoires occidentaux en 2016.

Unfortunately I can’t say much about what the story is about given that the trailer is entirely in Japanese, but it takes place in central China. There’s a lot of old themes in play as the country seems to be portrayed in its mid-revolution during the 1920s. Anyway, it’s an interesting take on the territory that we usually see in movies and very specific MMOs but it’s nice to see a game outside of that sub-genre take a crack at the cultural theme of the region… even if the timing of the era is all wrong.

As procureur 6

Quoi qu'il en soit, le jeu va encore voir les joueurs s'aventurer autour de résoudre le cas et prendre les bonnes connexions pour amener les bonnes personnes à la justice.

Il semble que Phoenix Wright aura un nouvel adversaire à prendre lors de l'affaire.

Capcom didn’t specify a specific date in which the game is expected to release but 2016 seems to be the magic number for a lot of big titles across new IP and established brands. The game will be exclusively available on the Nintendo 3DS, but depending on how things go with the Nintendo NX don’t be surprised if Capcom adds Nintendo’s new device to the release schedule as well.